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According to new rumors making rounds, Linda Ikeji who got dumped by her baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi, allegedly stalked him, and was even sent home a couple of times.

This was made known by Twitter users who apparently live close to the 5th roundabout house in Lekki, Linda talked about in her post.

According to these Twitter users, the blogger was usually sent home for showing up sometimes uninvited, but she made it seem like Sholaye Jeremi was always the one begging.

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Read the tweets below;

Linda Ikeji didn’t add the parts where she’d visit Jeremi uninvited and get sent back home because she was literally stalking him. But she said he’s been the one always begging

She always shoots herself in the foot when she tells us her stories. Stop asking me how did I know. I know about the 3 bedroom apartment in 5th roundabout. The 3 bedroom apartment na pent house Sha and the rent no be here.

Jeremi’s story is entirely different from the little I’ve heard. And I know it will blow up soon. Too many lies and she keeps telling more. She even took pictures of her house and made an emotional post about how she’d live her mansion for something not like it. Lin Lin dey lie Sha

More: Rumor has it that Linda Ikeji stalked her baby daddy.
More: Rumor has it that Linda Ikeji stalked her baby daddy.

Another Twitter user who reacted to the report of Linda Ikeji getting dumped, wrote;

Also mentioned 3 bedroom apartment because the guy moved the new chic he’s dating to Banana Island and her body is peppering her

More: Rumor has it that Linda Ikeji stalked her baby daddy.


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